Privacy policy

Privacy policy


We fully understand the importance of safeguarding your privacy and endeavor to handle your personal information appropriately so that you can do business with us with peace of mind. To this end, we publish our Privacy Policy here.

Use and Retention of Your Information

We acquire and use your information for the purposes specified below. We shall not use it for any other purposes than below

  • ●Calculate your insurance premiums
  • ●The procedures for making insurance claim
  • ●To notify you of your claim
  • ●To notify you of new products or services that we start offering.
  • ●Notice of the events and campaigns
  • ●To reply appropriately to your inquiries about our service

How do we collect your personal information

  • ●It is from normally fill in the form of the application,contract,transaction documents information.
  • ●Primary Means: from your application and claim forms

Information We Disclose

We do not disclose your personal information unless the disclosure is necessary as below conditions.

  • ●Under your permission.
  • ●Requested by law
  • ●Third parties who perform professional, insurance, or business functions for us.
  • ●When it is deemed necessary for your or the public’s benefit.
  • ●Other justified reasons


To prevent unauthorized access or leaking of your personal information, and maintain the accuracy of information and dispose of it properly, we shall comply with all applicable laws, and make efforts to handle personal information with high level of security.

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Date of enactment:July of 2016